Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy birthday

This is something I did for my brother. It's his birthday today...So, yeah! Happy Birthday Dudaaa( that's a nick, btw). He has this new wildkat that he adores. So, I think this card would make him happy. I love you!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I was planning on coloring this one. Hmm... or should i not? It's still rough. I got to add more details. Just wanted to post it 'coz I'm not in the mood to color it today...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I went through a lot of trouble to complete this.

Hydra... you can wait

So, there I was working on my hydra on paper and wondering what to do next. When all of a sudden, she calls. Omg!! I can't believe this. I'm almost 20 and all my Mum does is call me while she's at work just to check if I had my milk. Talk about being treated like a kid.

I get fed up of the ring and finally decide if I don't pick up she might actually be worried. So, there I was... an incomplete hydra that I badly want to finish that I knew I wouldn't be able to touch for the next 15 minutes and a phone that wouldn't stop ringing . She'll start talking about the milk and slowly progress to the bath and then the breakfast and yada yada. Annoying! I have this problem , you see, when I'm in the mood for doing something... I hate it when I am disturbed. My whole equilibrium gets messed up and I get all irritable and I start yelling. So, I get up from my seat and I walk towards the ring.


Me: Yes???

Surprisingly, it wasn't her. It was just one of my friends... Good grief! I'm happy I don't have to talk about the milk or the bath or anything..but still...I'm gonna be hung up 15 minutes anyway.

*Sigh* Hydra...I guess, you have to wait

So, there...she tells me to go and fetch a paper and a pen. I'm wondering why. Maybe, it was in response to " Oh , I was just drawing. " Did she want me to draw while talking to her on the phone? That's odd. But whatever, I take my pen and paper and I happily approach the phone


But then......
She tells me to take down a number...What the hell!I thought she wanted me to draw...I could just feel the disappointed in my Hydra's eyes.. the ink flowing out of it... *Sigh* Anyway, I take down the number.

After 15 minutes

You could see me do a flip. Whoa! What's the reason for my all of a sudden excitement you might ask. Well...I got my intern .My first actual intern ... at a publishing firm. That's exciting. My friend got me in touch with one of the copyrighters. I wonder what their jobs are like. Well, the appointment's fixed. I have to meet her on Saturday at 10. I have my fingers crossed on this one. She seems like a nice person on the phone. Very polite. Within 2 minutes, I could come up with a mental picture of a tall lady, short hair......nice legs...hahah, I'm kidding. I instantly related her to Beckett. Hmm... my new obsession, Castle. Anyway, among all the happiness and jumping around.. I notice Hydra, quietly resting on the table. He seems to be left out from all the verve.

*Sigh* Hyrda, you can wait.... ;)

Monday, May 3, 2010