Tuesday, September 14, 2010

montage of awesomeness (part 2)

Frankly speaking, I'm no photographer. These photos were clicked within our group. :)

Result of an awesome photoshoot.

Topic: In the photography lab, you are allowed to do whatever, go crazy, use lights and in the end advertise something!

That is sort of a vague explanation as to what we were supposed to do. So basically, we just went crazy for 4 hours clicking photos. All thanks to the master mind who carefully changed the position of the minute hand clock to add more time to our photography session that should've essentially lasted only for 3 hours.
What we did: We tried exploring different aspects of a good shoe. Rohan took the example of awe stricking shoes. Mohammed took the example of ever lasting floaters that float. Somasree took the example of sturdiness and durability of a shoe..so strong it could lay foundation to a bridge. I took the example of the shoe being compared to King Kong.

Result of the Oh-not-so-boring photography session. My boyfriend decided to model his feet for this one. I owe him . Love <3 . Anywho, the entire photo session that lasted for more than 4 hours was awesome.

This is the final end result of my photography session. I decided to use them to project Caterpillar shoes that I completely adore. All thanks to my big brother who uses only those... :) I think this advertisement would go real good in an Esquire magazine. Awesomeness!

montage of awesomeness

So there it had begun..those dreaded photography classes with that ass of a man sir to lead us. His husky voice, Oh .. how unromantic n pathetic it sounds! Anyhow,this post is sort of late. I should have written this at least 4 weeks back. Haha, blogging is something I do when I get bored. So, finally I got bored.. then again,I think I was bored before but I never really thought of writing about the photography session period.

It took me 4 hours or something more to complete this post. Darn, my boyfriend just had to take me to watch a movie today.. lol, it was awesome. Ps: This also includes the occasional holding hands n cuddling in the theatre :P If you know what I mean..

Saturday, September 11, 2010


So, ya.. I don't really know what got into me. Maybe, it was this movie I had just seen that inspired me to draw again. It had been almost 3 weeks since I drew something on paper (apart from the notebook sketches done during class). *Phew* , I haven't lost it as yet. After drawing my dreamer out, I decided translating the sketch into a book cover would give it more meaning and plus..I would definitely pick up something like this if it were on a shelf. Yey!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Blown away

Result of a fun photo shoot. I haven't really experimented with the whole cartoon graphic style so, ya, it's my first. I converted the photos into a sketchy style in Photoshop after viewing a tutorial online. Too lazy to upload the original photographs right now. Maybe later.. :)