Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas with friends :)

Season's greetings

It's holiday season!!! I came across this beautiful image, thought I could share it with you. This is my Christmas gift to you..
:) Merry Christmas

Friday, December 24, 2010


One of the things I tried that I love:)

I'm really sorry I haven't uploaded any of the Fundamental explorations. I'll do them later. If you want to know what Fundamental is all about, do check our website

Memories mean..

He told he would call,
Said he'd be away for a while
But he's not picking up
He's not even answering my call
I wonder how it turned into something like this
It wasn't supposed to
We weren't going to separate, he told
But now that we have,
I don't even know what these memories mean

Monday, November 29, 2010

Missionaries of the Air

My brother's band just finished recording his music. And it sounds freaking amazing! They just finished recording it at a studio in New York and now I think it's almost ready to be aired on the radio.
Check them out at
Awesome fact: I made their logo/ emblem :) yay!

p.s: sorry, my hyperlink is not working

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I think I'm going through a rough patch and that only means, I've started writing again. This is exactly what I'm feeling right now.

Don't shock me while I'm away
I cannot bear a heavy heart
You've come into my life and let me be
Something I thought this world wouldn't see
I hold in my hands a bunch of words
I want to throw, but it wouldn't matter
You've made up your mind
And I haven't made mine
But still I want to try
Should I jump?or should I leave be

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Iron and Wine(dummy text)

This is a poster designed for the popular band Iron and Wine . It contains a lot of wrong data. I just did it to finish off my submission for advanced graphic design class. When I get the time, I'd rework on the data.The vector illustrations and such were done on Adobe Illustrator(my fav).

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Turnip head

I was meaning to upload this since forever!! Never really got the time to do it. Actually, I'm really forgetful when it comes to blogging. :P I did this one while I was interning at this ad agency last summer. Bummer! What a boring day that was...
What I like most about this is even if you rotate it, it still makes sense. I love Ms. Turniphead! :P

Baileys(product shoot)

Baileys photoshoot
(credit: Somasree Chandra who just discovered she can click good photographs but is not all that photogenic herself )

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

montage of awesomeness (part 2)

Frankly speaking, I'm no photographer. These photos were clicked within our group. :)

Result of an awesome photoshoot.

Topic: In the photography lab, you are allowed to do whatever, go crazy, use lights and in the end advertise something!

That is sort of a vague explanation as to what we were supposed to do. So basically, we just went crazy for 4 hours clicking photos. All thanks to the master mind who carefully changed the position of the minute hand clock to add more time to our photography session that should've essentially lasted only for 3 hours.
What we did: We tried exploring different aspects of a good shoe. Rohan took the example of awe stricking shoes. Mohammed took the example of ever lasting floaters that float. Somasree took the example of sturdiness and durability of a strong it could lay foundation to a bridge. I took the example of the shoe being compared to King Kong.

Result of the Oh-not-so-boring photography session. My boyfriend decided to model his feet for this one. I owe him . Love <3 . Anywho, the entire photo session that lasted for more than 4 hours was awesome.

This is the final end result of my photography session. I decided to use them to project Caterpillar shoes that I completely adore. All thanks to my big brother who uses only those... :) I think this advertisement would go real good in an Esquire magazine. Awesomeness!

montage of awesomeness

So there it had begun..those dreaded photography classes with that ass of a man sir to lead us. His husky voice, Oh .. how unromantic n pathetic it sounds! Anyhow,this post is sort of late. I should have written this at least 4 weeks back. Haha, blogging is something I do when I get bored. So, finally I got bored.. then again,I think I was bored before but I never really thought of writing about the photography session period.

It took me 4 hours or something more to complete this post. Darn, my boyfriend just had to take me to watch a movie today.. lol, it was awesome. Ps: This also includes the occasional holding hands n cuddling in the theatre :P If you know what I mean..

Saturday, September 11, 2010


So, ya.. I don't really know what got into me. Maybe, it was this movie I had just seen that inspired me to draw again. It had been almost 3 weeks since I drew something on paper (apart from the notebook sketches done during class). *Phew* , I haven't lost it as yet. After drawing my dreamer out, I decided translating the sketch into a book cover would give it more meaning and plus..I would definitely pick up something like this if it were on a shelf. Yey!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Blown away

Result of a fun photo shoot. I haven't really experimented with the whole cartoon graphic style so, ya, it's my first. I converted the photos into a sketchy style in Photoshop after viewing a tutorial online. Too lazy to upload the original photographs right now. Maybe later.. :)

Monday, August 30, 2010

How my visiting card may look like...hmm 2nd draft

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Caviar love

This is my first draft of what I want in my visiting card. I absolutely love the font caviar dreams and this is just exactly what i picture it to make me feel. :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy birthday

This is something I did for my brother. It's his birthday today...So, yeah! Happy Birthday Dudaaa( that's a nick, btw). He has this new wildkat that he adores. So, I think this card would make him happy. I love you!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I was planning on coloring this one. Hmm... or should i not? It's still rough. I got to add more details. Just wanted to post it 'coz I'm not in the mood to color it today...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I went through a lot of trouble to complete this.

Hydra... you can wait

So, there I was working on my hydra on paper and wondering what to do next. When all of a sudden, she calls. Omg!! I can't believe this. I'm almost 20 and all my Mum does is call me while she's at work just to check if I had my milk. Talk about being treated like a kid.

I get fed up of the ring and finally decide if I don't pick up she might actually be worried. So, there I was... an incomplete hydra that I badly want to finish that I knew I wouldn't be able to touch for the next 15 minutes and a phone that wouldn't stop ringing . She'll start talking about the milk and slowly progress to the bath and then the breakfast and yada yada. Annoying! I have this problem , you see, when I'm in the mood for doing something... I hate it when I am disturbed. My whole equilibrium gets messed up and I get all irritable and I start yelling. So, I get up from my seat and I walk towards the ring.


Me: Yes???

Surprisingly, it wasn't her. It was just one of my friends... Good grief! I'm happy I don't have to talk about the milk or the bath or anything..but still...I'm gonna be hung up 15 minutes anyway.

*Sigh* Hydra...I guess, you have to wait

So, there...she tells me to go and fetch a paper and a pen. I'm wondering why. Maybe, it was in response to " Oh , I was just drawing. " Did she want me to draw while talking to her on the phone? That's odd. But whatever, I take my pen and paper and I happily approach the phone


But then......
She tells me to take down a number...What the hell!I thought she wanted me to draw...I could just feel the disappointed in my Hydra's eyes.. the ink flowing out of it... *Sigh* Anyway, I take down the number.

After 15 minutes

You could see me do a flip. Whoa! What's the reason for my all of a sudden excitement you might ask. Well...I got my intern .My first actual intern ... at a publishing firm. That's exciting. My friend got me in touch with one of the copyrighters. I wonder what their jobs are like. Well, the appointment's fixed. I have to meet her on Saturday at 10. I have my fingers crossed on this one. She seems like a nice person on the phone. Very polite. Within 2 minutes, I could come up with a mental picture of a tall lady, short hair......nice legs...hahah, I'm kidding. I instantly related her to Beckett. Hmm... my new obsession, Castle. Anyway, among all the happiness and jumping around.. I notice Hydra, quietly resting on the table. He seems to be left out from all the verve.

*Sigh* Hyrda, you can wait.... ;)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Thursday, April 15, 2010


I wrote this for somebody. They are thoughts that don't make sense anymore. Even to me. It's called Willow

Show me real affection
I would still believe
When we sleep together
I still want to believe
My heart longs
To hear you talk
and the way u sing it
I try to talk
Hold my hand again
And walk with me
Into an aimless road
or into a bottomless sea
You've said its complicated
I don't want to know
How much you've hurt me
I'm still a blind willow,
Even I know..

We were made to do a 30 second animation of a drop dancing.This is pretty much it. there is no music and this is basically my first animation. So, it's pretty much raw. Don't mind!
FYI this is called stop motion animation.

The drops were animated in small increments between individually photographed frames, creating the illusion of movement when the series of frames is played as a continuous sequence. Compiled using Adobe Premiere software.


We exist in distant worlds
Bound by creepers that crawl
Our feet are frozen on sand
And our hearts are eaten raw
We lay in darkness
With thoughts that weigh us down
Our dreams are red
Our hands dream too.