Tuesday, December 4, 2012

United Charity Bazaar

Illustration Much is proud to associate with United Charity Bazaar for their Christmas Market. It took place on the 1st of December 2012. Taaneya did the entire illustrative posters and such. I contributed slightly through this postcard :P


Desmondji- Facebook Cover Photo Week One

So, I did something up real quick and sent it over to the guys at Desmondji. They were soon to be entering Bangalore market with their range of spirits and they wanted something quirky that depicted their style and mood through us, Illustration Much.

Desmondji Project - 100 % Cane

As a part of Illustration Much, I got to do a small pilot project for Desmondji's new range of  Agave Spirits. It was fun, although our options didn't get selected. But ah well, They've agreed on using our expertise for updating their facebook cover photograph on a weekly basis. Yay!

Bangalore Chapter : Begins

Hey guys!

Things have been quite busy , as usual. Hence, I've been slow on updating about what's new. Life is good. I've started working at a studio as a graphic designer in Bangalore. I've also formed an initiative with a bunch of my friends who love to illustrate. We call ourselves 'Illustration Much' and we've been running around taking part in events, putting up stalls in flea markets and I kid you not, in 2 months down the line of forming it, we've already reached 500 likes on facebook. Life is soo good right now :)